Monday, April 7, 2014

Castle Clash Hack Tool

I don’t exactly remember how I spent my free time before discovering Castle Clash, an addictive strategy fantasy game, available on Google Play or on the App Store, free to download. In the Castle Clash world, you can build your fortress, and make it extremely powerful, with lots of troops ready to battle against enemies. Hire a Hero, some legions and even mythical creatures, and you will be ready to become the Top Warlord in Castle Clash. There are also dungeons, when your Heroes can battle inside them, to gain money, mana and experience. If you want, you can join a guild and fight against various bosses.

Before introducing our Castle Clash cheats, let's recap which are the currencies of the game.

Currencies and Resources

There are few currencies and resources in the game:

  • Gold

    It can be got in some ways, such as Dungeons or Gold mines, or maybe making a raid against other players.

  • Mana

    Its powerful power can recruit units, and you can use it to purchase some buildings. Like Gold, you can get it from Dungeons, Mana mills, or raiding players.

  • Honor Badges

    Hire your heroes with them, and raise their Star levels. Shop them, or get them from Arena, Dungeons or defeating the Guild Hall Boss.

  • Shards

    Obtain them in Here Be Monsters, or in Dungeons, and use them to purchase Heroes. Shards allow the player to choose the Hero he wants, instead of a random one.

  • Gems

    The queen of all the currencies. You can buy almost all items in the game: Gold, Mana, Shards, Honor Badges, Heroes and other useful in-game boosts, like switch enemies in Arena. It seems to be amazing, but you need to pay real money to obtain them.

Today you are going to get all of these resources literally FREE.

Castle Clash Hack

I already mentioned my love for this game. I showed it to my team, and after hours of compulsive gaming, we decided to create a tool for Castle Clash.

We were successful in developing the Castle Clash Hack, and right know I’m going to show you how it works.

How can I get Castle Clash Cheats?

Thanks to our minimal style, the tool is really simple to use. Anyway, follow these steps:

  1. Download the free software.
  2. Put your Account ID in the form.
  3. Choose how many gems, honor or shards you want
  4. Wait few seconds, then feel free to shout for joy.

You can download our Castle Clash Hack Tool freely in our site, where we also offer different kinds of free software products. Due to the freedom given to you, please remember to share our site on some Social Networks, in order to get visitors.

What happens if the Castle Clash Hack gets fixed?

Don’t worry. We earn some money through our stable site traffic, and we use them to update the hack weekly. You can check if there are available updates inside the ‘Info’ area.

Now you are ready to use our tool. We hope you will enjoy your free Gems!